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Winter lights are in the gardens, Christmas is coming

We have put out the winter decorations already, which in Finland means lights.
Every garden, window and door is sparkling with warm lights and many of us are waiting for the first snow to fall so that the magic will be complete.
And since the light are out and the snow will soon be here, it is time to think about Christmas and Christmas cards.
Yes, that means find the right clothes, organise the perfect bribe, wrestle the whole family in your cars to reach the studio and waste a full saturday for a session of 15 minutes.


You could just prepare a glögi, decorate few piparit, tidy the space around your sofa or window and stay relaxed at home, waiting for me and Nani to come and take your christmas cards’ pictures.
Yes, this year, no mini session in studio, this year we will come to you. Because we really want you to relax and enjoy the experience. With no stress nor fuss.

The price for the session is 259€ and you get 5 digital files. Our old clients will get one extra file.
If someone of your neighbours or friends wants to participate, the price will fall to 210€ per family.

You can book the service directly to Nani:

All these informations are available in Finnish on Nani’s blog

christmas cards


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Let’s party, it’s Friday! – Helsinki Children Photography –

Put up you hand if you recognise yourself in this story:
You had a long week, working hard and solving problems.
Now you are able to relax and party. It’s Friday after all!
You feel the groove already! Your body moves with the rhythm of your happy thoughts.
Then you realise that even if your body is there and you will is strong, the past week is yet too close and your head is not following your mood.

Luckily we can count on good friends helping us keeping our head on the game.

BabyParty BabyParty2


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How do you label yourself? – portraits Helsinki –

Sure, labels are something we stick on others, but since most of the time life keeps us busy enough not to have the time to look around too much, labels are more like something we put on ourselves.

I love how children label us.

Rennina will say things like:
– You know the father of Pekka, he is the one always making us laugh (he is on a wheelchair).
– Yes, you have meet Marja before, she is the one always wearing braids and playing with me house (she is pakistani).
– Do you remember that fluffy dog that licked all my face and played with me? (it had only 3 legs).
When labelling, evident differences are not important to children, important traits are important.

Have ever thought how you label yourself?

I randomly introduce myself as a mother, a photographer, an entrepreneur, an Italian, a creative, a 40 middle age woman, a wine enthusiast, a runner (only in summer time) and many other things depending on my mood.
But what of these things are really important? How the children I’ve met till now would label me?

Please, meet Vuokko.

I have labelled her as a friendly and kind soul, a sensitive and maternal figure. A giving person.
Rennina labelled her as the nice mother of E and E, who is able to handle snakes (yes she is indeed) and gives her candies and chocolate.
In many occasion she had to label herself as the carrier of the genetic mutation BRCA2 which increase dramatically the risk of breast and ovarian cancer.
You can read her story here, on the pages of the very gifted Marja Kihlströmin, where you will follow her hard path to the discovery that you can decide to stop the fear, live the present and not be afraid from the future any longer.
The sentence that made me stop my reading was this: “Voiko nainen luopua rinnoista, munasarjoista, munajohtimista ja kohdusta? Mitä sen jälkeen jää?”
So how do you label yourself when the most intimate physical part defining your gender are taken away for you? What are you when you are not complete any longer? What is left when the same parts that bring your children to life are going to be taken away from you so they will not kill you?
The things defining us are not the evident ones, but the important ones.
She is Vuokko and to be ourself is the best label we can offer to others.
For sure the path to this discovery can be very hard to walk.

glam-6-2 glam-1-3

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Children safety on set – Lapsikuvaus –

My son arrived at home one day announcing he would have not go back to school before all his bruises and cuts heal.
Apparently he and Gravity don’t agree much and he keeps on falling and hurting himself. Yes, stay still, walking instead of running and sit properly would probably be good solutions but… 9 y.o. boys, right?

Anyway his bruises made me think about all the children I have on set. I’m always pedant about newborn safety but what about toddlers and children?

Well, what you don’t see in the pictures is that many times in front of the camera there are more people than you could imagine.


I have of course an insurance covering my equipment and the possible injuries, but there would be no peace of mind if a child hurts himself while I’m working. I never leave a toddler or a child alone on set, and the parents are always few centimetres away.

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Before/after and security with newborns

When I shoot a newborn, I’m of course a meter away from him. This is why it is important that someone is always present on her side. Especially when I’m shooting a particular image where the baby has an unnatural position. Babies always need support and security, all of these poses are supported and then modified digitally.

You can hover on the image to see the before/after versions.