About me What do I do?

I take pictures, freeze instances, stop time, immortalize emotions.

I think that not only the most important moments are worth to be remembered, but every single gesture in our daily life is special and has to be stored in our memory.

I like to see you as you really are, and I do this in the best way I can.

You probably won’t be smiling in all my images, but you will recognize yourself, sometimes you will even re-evaluate parts of you that in your day to day routine, don’t really appreciate anymore.

When you choose my services for your family pictures, engagements, christenings, or for a simple portrait session, you’ll get a professional reliable service and session in the location of your choice using natural light.

The sessions are variable from 30 min for a simple portrait to up to four hours for a newborn.

Generally I accept engagements only in the Greater Helsinki Area and in northern Italy, but I’ll do my best to accomodate any request.

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